New Chilean Government Stress Pro-Investment Mining Stance at CESCO 2018

April 2018: Speaking at the International Copper Conference in Santiago, from Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica and his Sub Secretary Pablo Terrazas respectively spoke on topics which demonstrated the new government´s confidence in the recovery of Chile´s mining sector, whilst stressing their commitment to boost investment to industry.
Both politicians referred to the implementation of the Sustainable Development plan, which aims to identify the problems that led to the paralysation of mining projects in recent years and seeks to provide solutions for companies, while streamlining the complex approval processes.
“Our government is interested in bringing better investment to mining… We want to reduce the amount of permits and make them less complex” said Prokurica, who, along with Terrazas, has been incumbent since the government change last March.
Currently, the environmental impact evaluation system is processing 41 mining projects valued at US$53MM.
Prokruica and Terrazas have also launched the Presidential Advisory Commission, tasked to create a new national mining policy for the 2018-2050 period.
“We are a pro-investment government” stressed Terrazas at the event. “We are convinced that investment is good, as the more active the economy, the sooner  the country will develop and poverty will be eradicated.”


The winds of recovery have also arrived to the state-owned Copper miner CODELCO. José Pesce, VP of Resources and Development, confirmed an increase in budget for exploration work, which could amount to US$90M in 2019.