Expomin 2018 opens to full attendance

April 2018: During the event, private sector actors supported the pro-investment program put forward by the Mining Ministry, who have begun the program by creating an office dedicated to large investment projects.

“We want there to be greater investment, and to achieve this we want to reduce the complexity of receiving permits in the sector. We’ve received criticism in the past from the OECD for high-levels of bureaucracy, which has undoubtedly hindered our growth and development as a country” said Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica during his presentation.

President of Expomin 2018, Iván Arriagada pointed out that “Chile has to return to its position as an attractive destination for mining investment, as it was in the past, especially now that the price cycle is favourable. We support the initiative to create an office for large projects and hope that its objectives will soon streamline projects.”

Diego Hernández, president of the National Mining Society (Sonami), applauded the government’s proposal, given the consensus within the industry on the need to revive investment. “The opportunities given by the international markets should be used to attract investors and we shouldn’t be impassive while they look for other destinations” he emphasized.