Geophysics for the Geologist

Date: September 29th, 2017 | Place: Hotel Atton Las Condes |
Organizer: Sterling Capacitaciones | Presenter: Quantec Chile: Rob Gordon, Dr. Leduar Ramayo / Quantec Argentina: Nigel Unger / Mira Geoscience: Gervais Perrón


Exploration targeting involves the incorporation of many disciplines of geoscience such as geology, geochemistry, structural mapping and mineralogy as well as geophysics. Whereas regional, terrain, and structural targeting can rely on the use of geological surveys and plans, the ability to target effectively at the property scale often relies on applications of geophysics. While it is important for the geophysics team to be represented in the exploration process through the use of geophysicists, in many cases teams lack in house geophysical expertise. The main objective of this course is to provide geologists with a practical sense and understanding of geophysics and how it may be applied to help provide a better understanding of the subsurface so that drill targeting can be more effective and the right tools can be used for specific problems.
The course will provide the geologist with a complete and broad brush overview of how geophysics can help improve subsurface understanding prior to drilling. A review of rock properties and how they are measured with geophysics will start the day. The course will demonstrate the use of different geophysical methods as applied in the Chilean exploration environment. Terminology, often familiar to the geophysicist will be explained so that the geologist will be better able to utilize geophysics in their exploration efforts. The course will place special emphasis on newer 3D technologies designed to highlight significant subsurface features more accurately. Several case studies will be reviewed, including the use of deep earth imaging in near mine applications.


Rob is currently Manager of Sales and Marketing at Quantec where he is responsible for introducing the company’s technology to the market place. He continues to provide technical solutions for industry exploration programs as well as leading the team for business development at the company.
Rob has worked in the exploration industry since 1981 with experience in many aspects of the exploration business with exposure to most commodities. His background has been based on both geological and geophysical approaches to exploration and has held positions of Regional Geological prospecting and geochemical surveys, for Anaconda based in BC, Mine site Exploration at Lupin in the NWT for Echo Bay Mines, Consulting Geophysicist for Covello Bryan Consulting, Project Geophysicist with Terraquest, Operations manager for Dighem and Manager Geophysics, at Quantec Canada. Subsequently Rob lead an international Geological consulting house where he was providing both geological and geophysical solutions to the industry.
One of the highlights of his career was when he was Senior project Geophysicist where he was involved in all major airborne projects flown by Dighem in the early 90’s. These included all State of Alaska Regional Helicopter EM Airborne programs, a major UNDP development program in southern Ethiopia. In addition, he coordinated and provided target information during the diamond rush in the NWT including BHP’s major exploration and discovery work of the Ekati Mine and the Diamond Field’s Nickel discovery at Voisey’s Bay.

PRESENTER: Gervais Perrón

Gervais has over 20 years’ experience in the mineral exploration industry.
His main interests are in 3D geomodelling and multidisciplinary data integration. Gervais graduated with a B. Eng. In Geological Engineering and an MSc in Geophysics from École Polytechnique de Montréal. In his 15 years at Mira Geoscience, Gervais has worked as a consultant, project manager and as the Director of software solutions. He has recently taken the role of Director of Business Development to foster and expand relationships with key decision-makers in order to develop opportunities and new markets for Mira Geoscience’s products and services.


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