Cobalt potential tapped into in Atacama region

April 2018: With the race on to supply the burgeoning electric vehicle industry, Chile’s Production Development Corporation (“CORFO”), the National Service of Geology and Mining (“Sernageomin”) and the University of Chile released a report last December which identified potential areas in Chile to explore for cobalt, a key battery component required to power the EVs.

The report pinpoints the San Juan & Carrizalillo Alto (Atacama Region) and Tambillos (Coquimbo Region) as areas of potential cobalt resources. An additional report for CORFO on Cobalt & Manganese is scheduled to be published shortly.

One of the lead authors of the reports, geologist and University of Chile associate professor Brian Townley, told CEXR: “Chile doesn´t have cobalt right now, but it did in the past, and stopped producing it in 1944. CORFO contracted a basic study to determine the most interesting districts to explore, which led us to San Juan and Tambillos, as they are the only two historical districts known to have been sources of cobalt as a primary ore.” (Read more)