André Sougarret named executive vice president of ENAMI

April 2018: On Friday 27 April, André Sougarret will leave his position as managing director at El Teniente to assume the role of vice presidenct of ENAMI, Chile´s state-run Mining Development Agency. Sougarret will replace Jaime Pérez de Arce.

During a press conference announcing Sougarret´s position, mining minister Baldo Prokurica highlighted the career path and performance of the Universidad de Chile engineer, who famously led the successful operation to rescue the 33 miners trapped at the San José mine in 2010.

Speaking at the conference, Sougarret stressed the necessity to modernize Enami. “Enami…is important for the development of the mining sector. My job is to make it more efficient and adapt it to industry challenges.”

It is expected that authorities will announce further details on these modernization plans shortly.