Brexit wrecks it?

Copper, mining stocks shake off UK crisis for now

July, 2016 – Santiago, Chile

Barclays predicts copper prices are likely to remain at current low levels this year. (Credits: Codelco)

The result came as a shock even to the winners. On the morning of June 24th, the world woke up to discover that voters in the United Kingdom had voted 52%-48% in favor of leaving the European Union. Now the world must deal with the consequences of this historic decision.

Despite some hope among those who campaigned to stay in the EU that the results of the referendum could be ignored, European leaders have made clear that the voters’ wishes should be acceded and negotiations begin immediately on the UK’s exit from the 27-country bloc.

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Putting facts together

July, 2016 – Santiago, Chile
GoCad integrates geological, geophysical and geochemical datasets.

GoCad integrates geological, geophysical and geochemical datasets. (Credits: Mira Geoscience)

As new mineral deposits become harder to find, mining companies have to learn how to combine information gathered through a variety of disciplines to focus their exploration efforts.

Mira Geoscience is one of the companies trying to help them meet that goal.

The company’s GOCAD® Mining Suite software allows users to fully integrate geological, geophysical and geochemical datasets into three-dimensional models that allow the user to gain a much better understanding of the ground beneath their feet.

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Arena Minerals in talks to sell Pampas El Peñon

June, 2016 – Santiago, Chile
Arena in talks to sell Pampas El Peñon

Pampas El Peñon project, Region II. (Credits: Arena Minerals)

Arena Minerals (TSXV: AN) has opened negotiations with Rouge Resources (TSXV: ROU) to sell its Pampa El Peñón Au project in Region II.

AN plans to transfer its stake, held through two option agreements with SQM (NYSE: SQM), to ROU in exchange for 8.6M ROU shares and the payment of US$750,000 in cash and a commitment to spend US$1.8M on the project, reflecting ANs outstanding commitments under the options.

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