Macri charms miners back to Argentina

 Argentinean President Mauricio Macri is keen to attract foreign companies back to the country after testing times under his predecessor.
This week he hosted a major business and investment forum at the Nestor Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires for more than 1,500 executives from 67 countries.
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Cascabel: Ringing the changes in Ecuador

 A series of legal modifications by the Ecuadorian government to attract mining companies to the country is opening up its significant geological potential to investment. Once considered underexplored by many geologists, that situation is rapidly changing.
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New technologies center-stage at Chile Explore Congress 2016

Chile will only be able to fully realize its geological potential if geologists find new ways to make mineral discoveries. New technologies have become a key ally in this quest and many were on display at Chile Explore Congress 2016, with presentations by Corescan, Csiro, High Power Exploration (HPX) and Mira Geoscience.
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Exploring through the downturn

“Without exploration, there is no mining,” highlighted Sergio Hernandez, executive vice-president of the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco) in his opening speech at Chile Explore Congress: Change 2016.
The two day conference took place on September 7th-8th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santiago.
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Focus on lithium at Chile Explore Congress

Speakers on the first day of Chile Explore Congress 2016 highlighted the strong outlook for the country’s lithium industry amidst rising demand for batteries used in electric vehicles.
The two day conference dedicated to mineral exploration is taking place at the Grand Hyatt Santiago on September 7th-8th.
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